Yesterday I went shopping at the Lalaport in Tokyo bay until around 8pm at night after that I went on the journey to discover new restaurant  around my neighborhood near Jimbō-chō(神保町). My goal is to find something special that is not label as typical Japanese food - sushi(お寿司) or ramen(ラアメン), and it must be affordable and tasty.

About few block away I came across a chain restaurant Yayoiken (やよい軒), they serve traditional food like grill fish, hot pot and deep fry chicken (Here is their menu). Amount all the foods in the menu, I was attracted to the one call sukiyaki which is Japanese hot pot- ingredient include beef, tofu, vegetable and egg boiled in sukiyaki sauces. It is similar to soy sauce but it is a little bit sweeter and thicker.