Yesterday January 11 was a public holiday in Japan-Coming of age day is halt on second Monday in January. It was to celebrate young people becoming adult when they reach 20 years old. 

Coming of age ceremonies (成人式 Seijin-shiki) are generally held in the morning at local city offices, most girl will wear Kimono and guys will wear western style suit and some time guys will wear men's traditional Kimono callHakama. During the ceremonies, official will speech in the city hall and teach those young people become a good citizen. Which mean pay taxes and vote for them.



If the weather is cold, they will add a muffler on top of the Kimono. 
Most people cannot wear Kimono by themselves, so they usually need help from their mother or go to a special salon.Kimono is very expensive, so people may borrow from their relative or rent at a shop.
For the young people, this is one of the most important ceremonies in their life. They got a chance to meet their friends from junior high school or even kindergarden if they still live in their home town. After the ceremonies, young people will hang out with their friend in a group and go to karaoke, drink or party.